The Aquarist


Four walls of glass – and water full
A base of earth and stone
He tender – places greenery
To gild Poseidon’s throne

And finely trims with surgeons heed
A bed of dancing weave
That wave about – the ebb and flow
And rest against the rock

Each outcrop, cliff and valley
Sculpted finest masonry
A rivulet of fine white sand
A cooled and silvered scar

To each its place a place for each,
Not left to whit or whim
He tends his underwater world
But who does tend to him?


Day 1: “Write a poem in which you make a specific action a metaphor for your life.” I love aquascaping.
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Figures in Ink

I was into drawing with brush and ink just as inktober ended, found some blue liquid aquarelle in an old box so I tried using it for this life drawing session

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More figure drawing, done in brush and ink. IT COUNTS, OK?

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Gonna just go ahead and put this in under ‘Pattern’, day 10. Studies of girl in a patterned dress (Kaia)

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Dark. Day 26 .. taking a break from the messy brush and ink to use one of my favorite drawing tools, Sharpie

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Inktober hack: Leave all your drawings to the last week, then draw random things and assign them to a prompt you missed.

Here are some sketches from the river. Painting outside with brush and ink is a new thing for me

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For ‘enchanted’ girlfriend said ‘tree’, so here is enchanted tree. I like this rough and action-packed style alot more than the others so far that got too overworked

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Freeze and Build

Day 4: Freeze

Day 5: Build

Trying to catch up some days. I asked my girlfriend the first thing that came into her head when for each prompt and for ‘freeze’ she said ‘a hand passing through a heart’ and for ‘build’ she said ‘building a baby’. So here we go.

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Um … Treasure. These prompts are pretty vague, I could make up something about how these ducks are little puffy treasures of nature, or how I treasured my time to be able to sit by the river and sketch today, and I guess those would all be true. Whatever the explanation, this is an ink drawing from today of ducks preening themselves by the river

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So I’m stubbornly picking up from where I left off, day 3: ‘Bait’. Partly because I cling to some unrealistic notion that I will catch up all the days I missed, and partly because I had this idea for this prompt on day 3 but wasnt able to do it at the time (which is probably what tripped me up since then) Happy with the result but looking at the finished image gives me a plethora of ideas of how I could have done it better. Looking forward to the next drawing session!

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