Day One


Douglas Adams said:
“I love deadlines
I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by”
Have you ever seen a track competitor
knock over every hurdle in the course?
A karate expert
fail to break every single brick?
A dive into a crystalline lake
land beached in the sand
meters from the waters edge?
… I’m worse.

I tell myself you can’t rush creativity
that quality is more important
than jumping through these hoops.
I scoff at these pink-painted poodles
dancing in a conga line
That surly faced monkey
cranking on his master’s organ grinder
I’m sorry I don’t fit neatly
into your pretty painted brown boxes
but …

Tell a farmer to show up fashionably late
for spring seeding
Tell the bud on a tree to doze
until summer heat is more worthy of its presence
or the sun that it could rise later
if it just shone brighter
and the world will wait
… won’t it?

My mother always told me
I would be a late bloomer
But she never said
to miss the season
Time waits for no man
but death and taxes?
I’ve cheated the deadline at times
I am what I am
No clock can make me lose it
and I’ll submit this a minute late
Just to prove it …

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One Response to Day One

  1. Wellie says:

    I love this! I actually laughed out loud at the beginning. That was quite unexpected. Nicely done.

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