Day Three


Jimmy stays at my place
Mo and Barry squat
Jenny’s parents kicked her out
And Billy rents a loft
Knuckles plays a mean guitar
Bone’s a computer whiz
Craig comes from a wealthy family
but that’s none of our biz

Trent and Smoke like reading books
And writing up their views
Arkhan got arrested once
and wound up in the news
Stanislav makes our black flags
from old and used-up shirts
Cam wears boots and ripped-up jeans
But Screem and El wear skirts

Jeannie’s tough but kind at heart
Poe and Moll are kind of smart
Treek is bi and John is straight
Nell is queer but Sam is gay
You may not see why we agree
– We all are very different
But the thing that unifies us
is our anarchist contingent

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