NaPoMiThroWriTeeDee … April Poetry Challenge

So apparently I got myself involved in this National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) or as Throw! poetry Collective calls it NaPoWriThrow! This means I have to write a (new!) poem every day for the month of April. I’m secretly planning to keep some pre-written extras as back up, but only as a last resort, like if my poetry writing fingers (index and ring fingers) get eaten by a tiger, or a shark, or a tiger shark (knock on wood). Its the third today, and so far is going pretty good, though I seem to be channeling the ghost spirit of Shel Silverstein the last two days with my short quirky rhyming diddies. Well, no better ghost to have lurking, welcome Shel and thank you for making my childhood a magical place (where I still live) I just started this Blog, so I’ll post the last 3, then keep things rolling.

These are the other poets involved:

Best of luck, peeps!



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