The doctor says it’s a nasty concussion
and I’m lucky my skull wasn’t fractured
He says I might recover partial vision in my right eye
but I’ll never be a pilot
Well I never wanted to be a pilot,
just wanted a right to these streets like anyone else
if I look different, or speak a different language
And it was a peaceful protest,
We were having fun, I finally felt like we belonged until –
The doctor leaves abruptly with disdain
I can tell what he’s thinking …

The kid nearly spilled his brains all over the street
I’ve had patients come in with accidents,
but this is different
I heard on the news the crowd turned violent
I mean, I support everyone’s right to protest
But I work hard to pay my taxes
So I can drive home everyday
without these people blocking up traffic
And when a cop tells you to do something
you do it, even if …

I was glad when the seargent told me
the kid had regained consciousness
I hit him hard but I wasn’t trying to kill him
These kids are too soft these days
aren’t these ethnic types supposed to be disciplined?
So what are they doing marching out in the street in the first place?
Sure, most of my neighborhood is white,
and all the boys on the force are from here
But its not about that – We’re the ones in uniform
So if I told him to clear off the street
what was his excuse? …

(A hacked poem inspired by Abd Al Malik’s “Saigne”)

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One Response to Bleed

  1. susanissima says:

    Your triple point of view is engaging.

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