Mr. Kenning

Today I got out of the snore-sack
and looked at my sqwawk-box
to find an eye-scroll from my pit-boss
asking if I could cover a time-sink
for one of my slave-brothers

I dragged myself into the ass-wash
I made myself a cup of life-blood
read the sad-rag and answered a few net-woofs
then put on my foot-tacos
and got in the road-roach to go to Life-bane

On the tar-canal I listened to the aggro-screech
and I was so brain-wrecked by the pop-drool
I didn’t notice a huge haul-slug
that was swerving dangerously in front of me until …

My life flashed before my eyes

As a young spirit-flower I played in the dapple-kingdom
and I saw my queenly-birther running
and laughing among the heaven-reachers
I remembered my kingly-birther playing wildly on his merry-maker
and singing and shouting to the blue cloud-ocean
that stretched out above us as far as the eye could see

I braked and swerved hard

I brought my dream-mover to a stop
at the side of the vision-stretch
I took out my psych-whisper
I called my clan-sage to tell him
I wouldn’t be coming into reap-harvest for today
Then I turned around, and drove
towards the dapple-kingdom


Day 13 Promt: “Kennings were metaphorical phrases developed in Nordic sagas. At their simplest, they generally consist of two nouns joined together, which imaginatively describe or name a third thing.” I know I didn’t have to hyphenate them, but I did.

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