A Warning to Children

Now children, let me tell you
of a monster, little known;
Not a ghost or a boogeyman
but it lives in your home.

In dark of night
it’s sickly light
plays over faces
trapped in stasis
the ghastly cold
of its embraces
leaves eyeballs deadened
empty, faceless

where once was life
now stooping ghoulies
slumped bodies slackened
lifeless, drooling
deafens lovers
kidnaps mothers
bewitches sisters
captures brothers

this beast insidious
and malicious
invades, devours
with persistence
it latches on
to hand or palm
drains brains dry
leaves faces drawn

“Oh tell us, what’s this beast?!
can we escape? please tell us how!”
but chances are, if you’re reading this,
you’re looking at one right now.

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