Xarachta The Dragon of Eren-Dar


A furnace for a face,
A beast that burned mountains to cinders
scorching kerosene fumes
screaming wind in your ear
A flash of polished red
A blast of hot breath on your skin
the bile of cold dread in your mouth
taste fear, chew, and swallow

This is Xarachta, the dragon of Eren-Dar

Not a furnace for a face, no:
The very pits of hell contained in a smile!
At one time I had teeth, I swear, children, not these kernels of dried corn embedded in a coral husk
Xarachta the orphan-grinder,
Xarachta who’s very name is so terrible
that I swore away the use of my teeth
and blackened them in decay
and swallowed the sickly shards
“In September when the sun sets soon”
The bloody light of it’s rays call
That great beast from it’s nest
to slather blood on the rock
like syrup on pancakes
Xarachta reads her leger of names marked for death.
And comes that old crone, Brillant
who will one day stand staring into those cold crocodilian eyes and breathe milky sweet apocalypse
And I will stand my ground, a wicker basket burning into a puff of acrid black dust
The ragged burning stones will speak a last curse “Arya destuta sylver ver”
Speaking on tongues like white flames of a roaring furnace


Ok, this is a strange one – I’m in the midst of writing my final projects and exams for some courses I’m taking, so I’m trying to spit these poems out without overthinking the process, or much editing of the results. This is following the day 29 prompt, which is a mythical beast of a prompt all on its own, a recipe of 20 specific requirements to work into the poem in sequence.  The drawing is a fairly epic doodle from my school notebook, during my lectures I tend fill in my notes with alot of animals, faces, and yes, dragons. I’d actually like to finish this drawing sometime – remember those multi-color pens from back in the day? those things rock. Was chatting with another blogger about drawing, and I really love to see people’s drawings because it reveals another aspect of them in a way that writing cannot. When I’m finished my courses I’d like to start posting more drawings along with my writing. Now GET BACK TO WORK.

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6 Responses to Xarachta The Dragon of Eren-Dar

  1. Svelte says:

    Kudos to you for attempting such an undertaking! I thought everything blended quite smoothly. 🙂

    • 2youth says:

      Thanks Jen! You are an incredibly prolific poet – It seems there are some people who write poetry as naturally as they breathe – I’d love to know your secret

  2. susanissima says:

    You’re working hard! Cool drawing!

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