A Dream

A Dream

This was my dream last night, I was in a canoe with Joe Eigo, it was late at night, the other guy with us told us that me and Joe were both part of an energy system that had existed since prehistoric times, but was to end that night. The culmination of this system brought about fantastic swirling orange and purple lights of pure energy in the night sky, and we sat in the canoe, and I stood waist deep in the warm swamp, and watched with amazement as it danced it’s grand finale.

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4 Responses to A Dream

  1. I like the conceptions in your pictures. They speak and it’s relevant.

    • 2youth says:

      Thanks Yuriy, I am enjoying following your blog as well. Art, dreams and reality are much more fluid than most people believe 😉

  2. susanissima says:

    Wonderful that you recorded your dream in a picture and via narrative. Just curious, do you do have a dream journal?

  3. 2youth says:

    Hi Susan, yes I have kept a dream journal on and off for a long time. I stopped for a while because the more you write the more you remember, and I was writing 4-5 pages every morning before work! I rarely share them publicly because it is risky juju 🙂 Do you keep one?

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