Death in Boots II / Bad Girls

Death in Boots II / Bad Girls

Posting in advance drawings from before using wordpress’ schedule publish feature. Does that make any sense? This is from Tuesday. Drawings from photo. Hotness!

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2 Responses to Death in Boots II / Bad Girls

  1. I hesitated what to say on this picture. : ) If to be quite sincere there appeared several questions as it is a provocative art due to no explanations on your side : ) Ok, who is better – bad girls or good girls or are they the same? It can be seen as an attempt rather to explore females’s sensuality and sexuality I think. Is this the right way and approach, I don’t know as it is a latent side of human nature. : ) I see here four types and they are not homogeneous. At least the right one standing in “boots” seems to be not the bad one (or the least bad). Freud/Jung could debate more expertly on it if they had this chance. After all I must admit it is nicely drawn showing something more than just body. : ) I could say more on it but then it will be no comment any more. : )

    • 2youth says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Yuriy 🙂 Drawing from erotic photos lets me do two things I love – practice figure drawing and look at beautiful women. Beyond that I don’t think about it too much, but I’m sure that the way I subconsciously manipulate the images, arrange the compositions, and interpret the figures could give a psychotherapist a couple years work 😉

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