All Or Something

Haven’t posted in what, 3 months? Started my final semester to finally finish my BA, set aside my writing for now. I’ve been drawing a bit, mostly for contracts, making music, and trying to stay focussed on my health and my schoolwork, but it isn’t easy. I’m an all-or-nothing kind of person, so it’s difficult for me to just post periodically without a clear mission of napowrimo, or drawing-a-day, or my continuing story. But I’m trying to change that in my life. I miss my wordpress friends, Yuri, Jen, David, Alf, Cat-O-Nine-Fails, River reams, and many others. So I’m going start posting again, what I can when I can, change all-or-nothing to all-or something …

spray and paint markers - epic doodle

spray and paint markers – epic doodle

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4 Responses to All Or Something

  1. Svelte says:

    No worries! While I do miss your art (because you are THE only solid artist I’m following) life comes first eh!
    See ya:-)

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