Beneath the Tamarind Tree

National Poetry Writing Month day 1. These things always start out painfully, but there’s nothing for it but to throw yourself into the frigid water. Everything beautiful starts off with an awkward kind of squawk …

The Tamarind Tree

A pheasant and a flounder
met upon a laurel lea
strewn with red-faced poppy plants
under a tamarind tree

The pheasant said how do you do
The flounder merely gasped
The air is much too thin to breathe
I should have brought a mask

The pheasant said the air is nice
The breeze is calm and fresh
The shadow of the tamarind tree
Is a perfect place to rest

The poppies passion is divine
The luscious red does well
to compliment the clear blue sky
the tamarind scent is swell

Dear flounder the day is calm and sweet
I do believe you’ll see
But the fish lay still and silent
underneath the tamarind tree

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One Response to Beneath the Tamarind Tree

  1. Geo Sans says:

    should I stay or should I go

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