Kind of overstated and depressing entry for this Stars prompt for day 2


I guess the stars fell to the ground
because they’ve all become street lamps
Left the sky empty
an undefined colour like slop mixed paint

They must have lost some luster on the way down
because those tired bulbs bleed a dull red-orange
switched on by some forgotten clock
barely enough to illuminate the blackened snow

I guess the constellations have all turned square
strung in rows of hydro lines
and queues of faces illuminated by tiny screens
who never look up

because there’s nothing left up there to see

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3 Responses to Stars

  1. Very good piece, a man-felt one. It’s not depressing at all. It’s about our human civilization and its faults. The “stars” have been shot down. But there’s still a bunch of them holding up there fast.

  2. C.C. says:

    Haunting….a sort of indictment of what humanity has done. Brilliantly written.

    • 2youth says:

      Thanks again, NaPoWriMo blog suggested to look at the stars to get inspired – I stepped out on my balcony, near midnight, and saw a smoggy haze without a single visible star 😛

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