You Darkest Sweetest Thing

Cocoa dark, velvet smooth
Tantalizing traces of you
On my lips
Tongue teasing pleasure remembered
Greedy for more
Breaching the still of my mind unbidden
In my bed, the leather couch
In the kitchen
Slow drip and please
To put my passion on ice
To lick you from my sticky lips
Feel you tingling cradled in my hands
Open deeply to me
I could finish you now
Leave you spent and empty

But instead I put the spoon in the sink
Close your lid
And return you to the freezer

Day 12: “Describe in great detail your favorite … ” It’s so difficult not to fall into cliche sometimes. I blame time constraints. The poetry war continues …

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One Response to You Darkest Sweetest Thing

  1. There are things which bring us great pleasure but at the same time do great harm to us. They are sweet bitter.

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