Family Portrait

That’s me
in the red shirt holding the toy cars
youngest of two, a serious face, looking pensive

That’s my sister
in the yellow sitting on my dads lap
laughing and looking off to her left

That’s my mom
with her hair tucked behind her ears
in a summer dress covered with peasant flowers

That’s my dad
Dark hair, young, glasses
Happy and proud holding his daughter on his lap

Or is that me?
with my dark hair, young, glasses
Happy and proud holding my daughter in my lap

Then who is the boy in the red shirt?


Day 2 prompt: Write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait … Planning on an epic comeback here, halfway through National Poetry Writing Month and I’m posting my second poem. I figure if I post two per day from here on in I will slow and steady win this race. Also, I’m planning on surreptitiously changing the publication dates later so that my calendar widget will be consistent … MuahahahHAHAHAHA I’m like a diabolical supervillain of peotry >:D

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5 Responses to Family Portrait

  1. Yuriy Ku says:

    I did like this piece about…certain circulations and frames.

    • 2youth says:

      Yes Yuriy, I am recently blessed with my own baby daughter, and my family has been so helpful and supportive. It has made me see my family in a new way. When I was younger I thought I didnt want to grow up to be like my parents, now I feel proud to see so much of them in myself 🙂

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