Big Beef at Johnny’s Heirloom Seed Depot

Chioggia Guardsmark walked into Johnny’s Seed Depot
with a Big Beef, feeling Rouge Vif D’etampes …
Rosa Bianca hoisted her Black Krim
and looked sidewise at Castata Romanesco
who was smokin some heady Oaxacan Green …
The room was thick with Musque de Provence
even Black Seeded Simpson set down his Long Island Cheese
and looked up with a face Rouge D’hiver.
“Padron …” he murmured into his mug of Texas Black

“Cut the Triamble” Chioggia barked “I’m looking for Antohi Romanian”
and he put his hand on his Japanese Black Trifele
“He pulled a Scarlet Runner Bean with Marina Di Chioggia
and a Striped German on his Russian Banana”
Black Seeded Simpson was blushing like a Red Pear Piriform
“I ain’t seen him in a Naples Long, not since the North Georgia Candy Roaster … ”
Chioggia grabbed him by the Nepal “Don’t make me put a Northstine Dent
in your Corn Poppy – Gimme the Milpa!”
“Honest” stuttered Simpson “Honest as a New England Pie, I …”

“You can’t handle the Milpa” drawled a voice from the back of the depot.
“German Johnston!” They exclaimed as he stepped out onto the Valenciano
“I seen the dame, lookin Pretty In Purple as an Empress Of India.
Of course, at the time she was tied to the rails of the New York Early …”
“Bull’s Blood!” yelled Chioggio. He leapt forward with Bennin’s Green Tint in his eye
The room went Toscano. Verbena Bonariensis threw Amish Paste on Eden’s Gem
Joe’s Long Cayenne smashed through the Brandywine
and upended Mrs Burns’ Lemon into Ruby Moon with a Vermont Cranberry.
Chioggia was holding German Johnston in a Helen Mount
but the Striped German was grinning like Blue Hubbard.
“You’ve got a Perrenial Lupine on your hands, Chioggia.
It’s either me or your Love-Lies-Bleeding – make your Russel’s Choice Mix!”

“Send him to the Garden Of Eden” said a woman’s voice.
Standing in the doorway was Marina Di Chioggia
“and take this Yellow Pear to the Moskvich”
She threw forward the unconscious body of Antohi Romanian
German Johnston choked on Mike’s Wild Cherries “But … but the New York Early …”
“It was late.” replied Marina.

The End


Day 5: “Today, I challenge you to spend some time looking at the names of heirloom plants, and write a poem that takes its inspiration from, or incorporates the name of, one or more of these garden rarities” Well, it didn’t really turn out as a poem, and it’s possibly the silliest thing I’ve ever written, but voila! All these heirloom plants are courtesy Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Stay tuned for part 2, Hoe Down at the Heirloom Garden Party, no just kidding. No more heirloom seed names.

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