Poem on the Train

Clumsy thumbs
Fleet fingers
Staring faces
Rubber cases
Squinty eyes
Craning spines
Blinking lights
Scrolling lines
Touching tapping
Scoring racking
Watching waiting
Trolling baiting

Time stands still as I walk this frozen hall lined in staues like a grecian temple

(Is there such thing as a grecian temple? Is that a thing?) Day 2 National Poetry Writing Month 2017. Can you guess my theme this year? “Transportation” you ask? No, actually the theme is “I’m raising a kid and the only time I have to write poetry is for 20 minutes while throwing elbows during the morning commute”




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1 Response to Poem on the Train

  1. Yuriy Ku says:

    Verbal observation. I do that as well almost every day while commuting. Glad to see you here again, fellow. Time flies in our “trains” and I hope all is well there in your “carriage”, Bryan. Best wishes. ~

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