At least I write

I write in my spare time
on a page or in a computer
I write because it sustains Me
I wish I could type
But that only slows me down,
to think of the words,
before I write them
so I just write

I need to write
It clears my head
sets me on a path
God only knows where
Its a path to a greater thing

I write because I have to
Its what compels me
through the darkness
Where we cant write
When no light
Shows us no things
And puts us on a path of disbelief
Puts us on a path to nowhere
Puts us on a path to no relief
Puts us on a path to danger

So at least I write
I write continuously
to keep away the demons
to sweep out the corners of my mind
shake out the spiders
to put them down on paper

To put them into stark relief
To call it art
And sell it wholesale
To the black markets
The beggars and the bastards
The wild bunch
Who hang around the corners
Of my hollow skull

Thats why I write
How about you?
And what do you write about?


Day 4: Just randomness really, but trying to beat last year’s record of about 15 out of 30 poems for National Poetry Writing Month. Doin the damn thang!
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