Digibwoy Freestyle

Do you accept the digibwoy freestyle challenge? You must rap the following out loud, continuously and without break to the best of your abilities. If you lose the thread or get tripped up you must take a drank or toke and start from the beginning again. I cant promise it all flows because I myself went through this process as I wrote it. Good luck soldier!


I smoke I drank Im supposed to stop but I cant
I drank I smoke Im supposed to stop but I wont

So many things to discover
under cover lover
better than others
scary on the territory
swear by the mirror
brother Im so recover
butter tougher than rubber
love her leave her
just dont try to decieve her
tell her what she needs to hear
breathe relief every time that she near
Love her like a brother
all the others told her
she decieved herself
let her know you care
swear by her mother
stand by her side
hand on your nine if it need
Freedom is the cost of payin highly
for the things that you keep
Play to win
Stay from gin
And sway to the gym
in the morning
Walk to work Talk to her
Text her Just to tell her
you’re well or when youre in the hood
Let her see you smile every time
You’re down on one knee
Its what she needs
who are you to play the Odds?
Just a slob
Breakfast in the kitchen Doin dishes
Older than Hobbes
Older than Bob Ross
Posse’s at Rossi watchin TV with Tony the Boss
Broker than Kenny G
Livin life impoverishly
broker than God odder than Dod
Older than code
they used to design the human mind
problem though it may be
Livin large
In a van by the river
shiverin in your Timberz
they were made in China
hotter than a hundred degrees
bitter then better
thicker than water
swimming with otters
– whatever you need it to be
Dijibwoy freestyle go continuously
loopin in on itself
Ouroberos in the Aura Borealis
Sorta tied in a knot
And the knot is cut by family trees
felled in a forest
felt in a force of foreign forces warrin in insensitive ways
cream in my coffee
who am I to talk prophecy anyway?
Maybe if its all the same
I’ll just shut up permanently
Honest MC
I dont follow the orders
Good though they be
we all die lonely
We all pass into the realm of the infinite
In Solitarily really
God forbid that satan exist
but why’d he let the priest touch them kids?
Thats up to you here on earth deal with it please
feel your gut in surges
bring it up from your energy stream
The Force or what they call it
midichlorines in the bloodstream
Superhero shit with wit to win
Lord Diamen give me the Mic again and again
I pass it back to see what brewin in the lab
Cabin stabbin Rappin Rapidly Rattlin Steadily
Gainin momentum
Setting it up to fail when we
Fail to notice the humanity
Is all on a screen
How could it possibly affect my life
How could it possibly be?
I’m a possibitity, B.
Be Strong be bettamind til 3009
Or the end of time
Whatever comes first
in the grand scheme of things
we’re just items to deliver
Whither and Thither
I rap in Old Anglicain
if the crowd is white
I make it a thing
put it on magnet on a tape
in a plastic casing
you thought it was bad til it happened to you
now you’re livin in livin museum
fightin pythagoran thereum
learn it in a book or come up with it
on your own damn dime
google that shit
quit wastin my time
Im dyin and the dying is pleasant
I had a heckuva ride
I loved I lived
and I believe we all come back
We’ve all been here before
so whats the difference? Make music
Eat good food Laugh with your friends
enjoy their company sumptuously
feed the masses with molasses
Rich Black Kids
I poop laxatives verses
stacks of taxes passin gasses in library Halls
The Director wonder what the funk
and makes excuses to leave with a drink in her hand
Martini spoiled Olive Oil Tan
Italian Dressing
Undressing at your Cousin’s wedding
We all on a tanning bed
This planet cant support us
If we keep pollutin it
and Putin is on the other side the globe
Spinnin in a disco hall for all we know
Just lipstick on a mirror Fun for the Janitor
Leave your grafitti frequently
pee in a great big pissing war
pissing in the ocean but the ocean is us
its what we drinking
We all just containers for H20
drugs in a big drug war
druggin up ourselves
when we should be huggin
See they feed on the poverty
it bothers me
I’ll never rest
they’ll never stop me

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