You Can Eat a Yukina

You can eat a Yukina
You can stew a Yucca stew
You musta seen a Mustard Green
Let us eat some Lettuce too

Share a Colrabi
with a cool Rabbi
Test your mettle with some Nettle
In a Nettle pie!
Pop a load of Popolo
Make time for the Thyme
Dont balk at the choice
of a choice Bok Choy!

Meander your core
towards some Coriandre
Spin up some Spinach
In an elastic band (er)
Juice up some Cukes
Serve it in a decanter
Talking is a bore
Unless the topic that youre talking bout
Is a Topinambour

Spare some Asparagus
For some of us
Keenly stew Zukini
On a minibus
You were made to eat tomatoes
So what the fuss?
Who cares a bunch about lots
When youve got a bunch of carrots tops

Day 22: So I thought I’d throw this in for prompt 22 “The original georgic poem was written by Virgil, and while it was ostensibly a practical and instructional guide regarding agricultural concerns, it also offers political commentary on the use of land in the wake of war” Not exactly a georgic, but I work on a farm on weekends, a vegan CSA (community supported agriculture farm) and we always make up silly songs to pass time and make each other laugh while doing repetetive tasks like seeding or planting,  and my boss told me I should write a song about Yukina (a common asian green we grow) so I started singing this and it stuck in my head. So, in its own way, a sort of Georgic, as a treatise on farm cuisine and a call to arms for skinny vegans everywhere
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